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UK web proxy made simple! Our website proxy allows you to browse websites anonymously and protect your online identity for free. By using this service you agree to the terms of use.

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  What is a web-based proxy website ?

A web proxy (aka web-based proxy) is a special tool that allows you to hide your activity while you browse a website, so your real IP address is hidden behind the web server IP address that acts as an intermediary between you and the website you are accessing. In short, it is always the web proxy that establishes the final connection to the remote website you want to visit, and your IP address remains hidden. This is how a web-based proxy works and how it can help you to improve your online anonymity and protect your privacy while you browse remote websites.

  What are pros of using a web proxy ?

If you use a web proxy it is very difficult for a website to identify and track you, of course as long as you don't provide your personal information on web forms. This because the website is not able to detect your real IP address as it is always the IP address of the web proxy that connects to the website. So in the web access logs of the remote website will be saved only the IP address of the web proxy, not your. In short, a good web proxy helps you to hide your online activity, protect your online privacy, block web trackers, surf Internet anonymously, hide your searches on Google, and much more.

  What are cons of using a web proxy ?

However there are also some limitations with a web proxy, for example, some websites may not work correctly, because the web proxy is not able to fully parse specific web pages or jquery scripts. In some cases it can not guarantee you the complete anonymity, because there may be a slight possibility that some web requests cannot be forwarded correctly to you and your IP address may be used to establish the connection to the remote website, and so it can appear within the web access logs. For a better online anonymity, you should purchase a premium VPN service.

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